(Blanco County 04) - Guilt Trip

Author: Ben Rehder
Type: aBook
Date Released: 0000
Format: mp3
Language: English
Page Count: 0
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Life in rural Blanco County, Texas, isnt what most folks would call exciting - and that suits game warden John Marlin just fine. Hes happy to spend his days and nights protecting the local wildlife from poachers and the poachers from the local wildlife. There may be a shortage of attractive single women in town, a source of some frustration to Marlin over the years, but hes never really let it bother him. Too much. Luckily, every now and then an incident comes along to spice things up for a while. When the tequila-slamming, skirt-chasing treasurer of the local Rotary Club goes missing, and his vehicle is found in the river the day after a big flood, Marlin knows hes found his latest distraction. At nearly the same time, a house down the road explodes in a shower of drug paraphernalia, and an exotic car turns up stolen from the missing mans barn. Marlin and good friend Sheriff Bobby Garza are soon overwhelmed, trying to figure out how everything connects together. In the middle of it all, Marlin cant believe his luck when the strange goings-on put him in daily contact with a new member of the sheriffs department---beautiful deputy Nicole Brooks has just moved into the area and Marlin is just itching to show her around. He has to put his crush on the back burner, however, when events begin to spiral out of control in a way thats not altogether rare in recent Blanco County history. As the bullets start to fly and the bodies start to drop, talented, award-nominated author Ben Rehder keeps the plot moving and the laughs coming, in another spectacularly funny crime novel straight out of the zaniest imagination in Texas.

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