Stone Angel

Author: Carol O'Connell
Type: aBook
Date Released: 0000
Format: mp3
Language: English
Page Count: 0
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Much darker than the previous three novels starring Mallory, Stone Angel examines the shadows that haunt this unique detective, bringing to light the horrors that drive her. Here she is seeking retribution with single-minded obsession for her mother's grisly death by stoning. The small Louisiana town she fled as a child and to which she now returns is polluted with enough moral corruption to make Faulkner proud. Fans of the earlier books will be gratified to know that old friends have followed Mallory to Louisiana. Charles has spent months tracking her, dogging her steps with a fiercely loyal determination. Detective Riker has found her as well, and the relationship among these three continues to develop as the men try to keep her from destroying herself while seeking revenge. O'Connell is at her best when she is characterizing the almost animalistic Mallory, and she has outdone herself here, deftly weaving together threads of character and subplots from all four novels to reveal Mallory's true motives. While readers should not deprive themselves of Mallory's Oracle, The Man Who Cast Two Shadows, and Killing Critics, Stone Angel can stand alone and will leave readers spellbound. It may be one of the most chillingly horrible, darkly brooding, masterful mysteries of recent times

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