The Body Artist

Author: Don Delillo
Type: aBook
Date Released: 0000
Format: mp3
Language: English
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For thirty years, since the publication of his first novel AMERICANA Don DeLillo has lived in the skin of our times. He has found a voice for the forgotten souls who haunt the fringes of our culture and for its larger-than-life, real-life figures. Thrice-married film director Rey Robles informs Lauren, his much younger wife, that he's going for a drive -- and proceeds to travel all the way from the New England coast to the Manhattan apartment of his first wife, where he shoots himself. Now Lauren is left alone...or perhaps not, as she welcomes a stranger into the house -- an eerie, gifted individual she calls "Mr. Tuttle". This odd man, who often speaks in Rey's voice or Lauren's, and who knows both intimate moments of their past life and things that haven't yet happened, seems to defy time and to deepen the mystery of human perception. This is Don DeLillo's stunning exploration of the idiosyncrasies that simultaneously isolate and bind us, as he enters the essential space of human encounter.

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