Dark of Night

Author: Suzanne Brockmann
Type: aBook
Date Released: 0000
Format: mp3
Language: English
Page Count: 0
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An awaited addition to a spectacular series.   Taking on the worlds deadliest criminals is what the elite security force Troubleshooters Incorporated does best. But now they face a new and powerful threat from their most lethal enemy yeta shadowy government outfit known only as The Agency. For years, operative James Nash has performed ultra-covert Black Ops missions for The Agency, but when he decide to walk away from their dirty work, his corrupt bosses arent about to let him go. After Nash is nearly assassinated, Troubleshooters team leader Lawrence Decker launches a skillful deception to neutralize the threat and protect his friend. With the FBIs help, Decker fakes Nashs death, then brings him to a safe house with his fianc, Tess Bailey, to recover from his injuries and strategize their next move. Only a handful of people know that Nash is still aliveand fellow Troubleshooters Dave Malkoff, Sophia Ghaffari, and receptionist Tracy Shapiro arent among them. Believing that Nash is dead and that Decker has begun a romantic relationship with Tess, Sophia settles for second best and begins a love affair with Dave, who has adored her for years. But Tracy puts two and two together, discovering the truth about Nashmuch to Deckers dismay.   As passions flare, Decker struggles to keep his scheme afloat, and to keep Nash alive. But when he finds himself targeted for death, the game turns even more perilous, and Sophia, Tracy, and Dave are swept into the deadly play. Under fire and racing to unmask their relentless adversary, the Troubleshooters know that the closer they get, the greater the risks. But sacrifices and consequences come with the territory. Forced to choose between love and loyalty, they are no longer just solving a crimetheyre fighting for survival.

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